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Jenny Fairclough | 07 March 2013
Where did February go? One minute I was excited about the Cotswolds weekend with friends in the first weekend of February, and now I find myself at the beginning of March... how time has flown!
Laura Price | 01 March 2013
Braving my head was terrifying – I felt like I was walking around in a bikini or naked – but it was also liberating. I was finally just being ‘me’.
Cheryl Thornett | 19 February 2013
Should I or shouldn’t I? Should I phone someone about this? If so, should it be the breast care nurses when I know they’re usually rushed off their feet? Or the GP?
Jenny Fairclough | 05 February 2013
Another new year, another new challenge. It seems almost an eternity since 2008, when I was facing the challenges that my breast cancer diagnosis brought in that New Year.
Laura Price | 25 January 2013
I’ve put together a few bits of advice from personal experience. Most of it is relevant to women of all ages, but I hope some of it will be particularly helpful to those few fellow women in their 20s and 30s who receive a diagnosis this year.
Cheryl Thornett | 17 January 2013
I gave up New Year’s resolutions some time ago, since failing to keep them through a gloomy wet winter only adds guilt to the misery.
Jenny Fairclough | 04 January 2013
From the diagnosis, throughout the treatments and beyond, I was determined to approach everything with a positive attitude.