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Cancer language
Jackie Scully | 03 July 2015
I never thought one of the most valuable items in the fight against breast cancer would be a dictionary.
Jackie Scully | 12 May 2015
Nobody warned me when I started out on active treatment for breast cancer that I may come out the other side with a slight aversion to the smell of energy drinks.
The new normal
| 29 April 2015
I’ve just reread my first blog post for Vita, written just over a year ago. In it I foolishly said that not all my posts would be a total whinge-fest.
Look Good Feel Better
Guest blogger | 18 March 2015
We asked the team at Look Good Feel Better for their make-up tips for women with breast cancer.
| 16 March 2015
A few months ago I wrote about the feelings of isolation and marginalisation that can afflict people with metastatic (secondary or stage 4) breast cancer.
| 16 March 2015
Although breast cancer is not common in young women, getting a breast cancer diagnosis at a young age can be very isolating.
Guest blogger | 12 March 2015
Christine Sarah and Emily Broadbridge, both 26 and originally from Birmingham, have been friends for 15 years ever since they met at school. When Christine was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2011 her friendship with Emily became an essential source of laughter and support.
| 26 February 2015
This isn’t a whinge about the NHS – far from it. I simply cannot imagine what it’s like not to have a health system that's free at the point of delivery. However, I’d be a big liar if I pretended that things ran smoothly for everyone using the health service at all times.
Jackie Scully | 23 February 2015
For someone who likes to take her time planning what soup to make and what cereal to try for breakfast, being asked whether I wanted to freeze embryos, start treatment with surgery and use my tummy to create my new boob (on a Monday before lunch) is something I won't ever forget.
| 18 February 2015
The ovaries can be switched off or suppressed using a drug such as goserelin (Zoladex), a drug I'm sure many of you are familiar with: many women with primary cancer are given this drug.