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Anyone who has ever survived primary breast cancer will know the feeling of fear that lives with you every single day. That is the fear that the disease will at some point return or metastasise, leading to incurable secondary breast cancer.
The Floozie in the Jacuzzi is wearing her shocking-pink bra again, so it’s definitely Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
One of my favourite events of Breast Cancer Awareness Month is ‘Pink Fridays’.
A year and a half ago I had my very first mammogram. I had just discovered the lump in my left breast and wanted it checked out straight away because of my strong family history of breast cancer (my maternal grandmother had the disease in her 30s).
September and it’s back to… Oh hang on I’ve retired and I’m not teaching anymore.
Despite having an all-clear mammogram result in January I still had inexplicable butterflies at the prospect of waiting two or more weeks for the results of the routine screening.
I’m not ‘the woman who had breast cancer’ to most of the people I know anymore.
Last month I got my period. This wouldn’t normally be headline news, but considering it was the first one in the eight months since my penultimate chemotherapy session it was rather a big deal to me.
After completing the Edinburgh marathon I was left feeling rather ‘flat’ and somewhat bereft of an upcoming goal.
The controversy about the value of screening seems to go on and on.