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The controversy about the value of screening seems to go on and on.
I can’t believe it’s all over, but it is. I completed my first running marathon in 5 hours 9 minutes and 26 seconds on 26 May in Edinburgh, and I can honestly say it’s the hardest physical challenge I have undertaken so far.
While many of us would practically require a surgical procedure to detach ourselves from our smartphones for more than a day, most of us would certainly benefit from a little internet-free time every once in a while.
Angelina Jolie sparked a lot of controversy earlier this month when she revealed her decision to have both her breasts removed following a BRCA+ diagnosis.
We are at long last starting to catch up on some clearing up and redecorating that wasn’t possible for a few years. This meant one of those mammoth DIY shopping expeditions where you go around with two trolleys and a calculator to ensure that you get the absolute maximum out of various offers.
As I approach the last four weeks of training for the Edinburgh marathon I can’t help reflecting on the ups and downs of the previous few weeks both for me personally and for the running community at large.
Individual blogs and networking sites have made it possible not only to give our families and friends a running commentary of exactly how we’re doing, but hey’ve made it possible for us to find support from people going through similar experiences around the world.
I don’t mean just the lumps, the aches, the post-treatment fatigue, the fears. OK I’ve still got some lingering effects of treatment, but most of the ups and downs, the dodgy knee, and the personal ‘tropical moments’ are probably what they would have been without breast cancer and treatment.
This month I’m dedicating the first part of my blog post to my sister-in-law Mary, who sadly died after her long battle with cancer in November 2011. She would have been 69 on 1 April but Mary was nobody’s fool.
Recently I read an article that made me reconsider my approach to my recovery from breast cancer. The article by Lisa Reich in Elle magazine was about visualisation, a technique used by Olympic heptathlete Jessica Ennis to achieve just about anything she sets her mind to.