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Chicken wrap
PUBLISHED ON: 5 October 2015
This tasty wrap is a great way to use up leftover roast chicken.
PUBLISHED ON: 20 March 2015
Sumac is a tangy lemony spice often used in Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cooking.
PUBLISHED ON: 19 March 2015
To add a little heat to this delicious salad you could add a chopped red chilli.
PUBLISHED ON: 23 September 2014
For a real lunchtime treat serve your wrap with some ready-bought tomato chutney.
PUBLISHED ON: 22 September 2014
For a lunch less ordinary try this tasty wrap recipe which also works well with skinless chicken breasts or thighs.
PUBLISHED ON: 1 July 2014
Chicken salad is a classic. This version with an Indian twist – from Nadia Sawalha – is guaranteed to get your mouth watering.
PUBLISHED ON: 1 July 2014
Nadia Sawalha shares her recipe for a tasty little number that will make your taste buds zing.
PUBLISHED ON: 4 June 2014
You can make the sponges the day before and once cooled wrap well in baking paper and cling film.
PUBLISHED ON: 8 May 2014
Adding just a hint of cracked black pepper to pureed strawberries adds a real kick.
Pinterest recipe inspiration
PUBLISHED ON: 9 April 2014
Make the most of one of the summer’s tastiest crops with these delicious sweet treats.