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Cheryl Thornett | 21 January 2014
I had a momentary flashback to the combination of cold weather and central heating failure of 2010 when our boiler began leaking shortly after I returned home yesterday evening.
Cheryl Thornett | 24 December 2013
Life has resumed its niggles, annoyances and real problems but at least I’m fit enough to deal with them again.
Cheryl Thornett | 26 November 2013
You’ve heard the Groucho Marx joke that goes: ‘I don’t care to belong to any club that will have me as a member’? I really didn’t want to join the cancer club.
Cheryl Thornett | 22 October 2013
The Floozie in the Jacuzzi is wearing her shocking-pink bra again, so it’s definitely Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
Cheryl Thornett | 25 September 2013
September and it’s back to… Oh hang on I’ve retired and I’m not teaching anymore.
Cheryl Thornett | 16 August 2013
I’m not ‘the woman who had breast cancer’ to most of the people I know anymore.
Cheryl Thornett | 10 July 2013
The controversy about the value of screening seems to go on and on.
Cheryl Thornett | 24 May 2013
We are at long last starting to catch up on some clearing up and redecorating that wasn’t possible for a few years. This meant one of those mammoth DIY shopping expeditions where you go around with two trolleys and a calculator to ensure that you get the absolute maximum out of various offers.
Cheryl Thornett | 19 April 2013
I don’t mean just the lumps, the aches, the post-treatment fatigue, the fears. OK I’ve still got some lingering effects of treatment, but most of the ups and downs, the dodgy knee, and the personal ‘tropical moments’ are probably what they would have been without breast cancer and treatment.
Cheryl Thornett | 18 March 2013
OK sometimes this comes down to different types and stages of cancer or side effects, but it still feels like a postcode lottery at times.