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Jenny Fairclough | 09 January 2014
I am writing this on Hogmany, which is traditionally both a time of reflection on the past year’s events and an opportunity to look forward to what is in store for the year ahead.
Jenny Fairclough | 03 December 2013
As colourful autumn turns to frosty winter I find it appropriate to reflect on the events of the outgoing season and to welcome in the approach of the activities and festivities ahead.
Jenny Fairclough | 11 October 2013
One of my favourite events of Breast Cancer Awareness Month is ‘Pink Fridays’.
Jenny Fairclough | 21 August 2013
Despite having an all-clear mammogram result in January I still had inexplicable butterflies at the prospect of waiting two or more weeks for the results of the routine screening.
Jenny Fairclough | 26 July 2013
After completing the Edinburgh marathon I was left feeling rather ‘flat’ and somewhat bereft of an upcoming goal.
Jenny Fairclough | 02 July 2013
I can’t believe it’s all over, but it is. I completed my first running marathon in 5 hours 9 minutes and 26 seconds on 26 May in Edinburgh, and I can honestly say it’s the hardest physical challenge I have undertaken so far.
Jenny Fairclough | 03 May 2013
As I approach the last four weeks of training for the Edinburgh marathon I can’t help reflecting on the ups and downs of the previous few weeks both for me personally and for the running community at large.
Jenny Fairclough | 15 April 2013
This month I’m dedicating the first part of my blog post to my sister-in-law Mary, who sadly died after her long battle with cancer in November 2011. She would have been 69 on 1 April but Mary was nobody’s fool.
Jenny Fairclough | 07 March 2013
Where did February go? One minute I was excited about the Cotswolds weekend with friends in the first weekend of February, and now I find myself at the beginning of March... how time has flown!
Jenny Fairclough | 05 February 2013
Another new year, another new challenge. It seems almost an eternity since 2008, when I was facing the challenges that my breast cancer diagnosis brought in that New Year.