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Jackie after a half marathon
Jackie Scully | 21 April 2016
Jackie Scully is running the London Marathon for Breast Cancer Care. She explains why she took up running during chemotherapy.
Jackie Scully | 04 February 2016
Jackie Scully tells us why she's proud to be wearing a pink Unity Band this World Cancer Day.
Jackie Scully at a 10k race
Jackie Scully | 05 January 2016
Two years after being diagnosed with breast cancer, Jackie is embarking on a new challenge: training for the London Marathon.
Jackie Scully | 14 December 2015
Christmas is the season for giving. But Jackie Scully – who found a lump in her breast on Christmas Eve 2013 – says she's only just discovered what giving is about.
Jackie Scully
Jackie Scully | 08 October 2015
Jackie Scully, who was diagnosed with breast cancer in January 2014, vividly remembers the day she started to lose her hair to chemotherapy.
Cancer language
Jackie Scully | 03 July 2015
I never thought one of the most valuable items in the fight against breast cancer would be a dictionary.
Jackie Scully | 12 May 2015
Nobody warned me when I started out on active treatment for breast cancer that I may come out the other side with a slight aversion to the smell of energy drinks.
Jackie Scully | 23 February 2015
For someone who likes to take her time planning what soup to make and what cereal to try for breakfast, being asked whether I wanted to freeze embryos, start treatment with surgery and use my tummy to create my new boob (on a Monday before lunch) is something I won't ever forget.
Jackie Scully | 13 January 2015
At the beginning of 2014 I made a hair-related resolution. As someone known for her static and unchanging bob, I vowed that 2014 would be the year I’d do things differently.
Jackie Scully | 16 December 2014
This year my 12 days of Christmas are to be a celebration of 12 things that I feel lucky to have.