On the day

You’ve done lots of training and fundraising and your Pink Ribbonwalk is just around the corner! Here’s what you need to know about what will happen on the day.


What to pack

  • Walking number – fill this out in advance with the information requested to save time on the day
  • Sturdy shoes that you've already trained in – we recommend walking boots or trainers for the day walks and trainers for the night walks
  • Water and snacks – we’ll provide plenty at the rest stops, but be sure to bring some just in case
  • Money – for any extra food and drinks or merchandise you might want to buy at the event
  • Waterproof clothing – in case it rains, it is the UK after all!
  • Extra layers – if you’re doing a night walk, even if the evening starts out warm it can get chilly later in the night
  • Reflective outfit – glowing clothes and a head torch or small hand-held torch are also a good idea for the night walks
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During the event

A group of Pink Ribbonwalkers doing a fun warm up


Get your groove on at our warm up

Before each Pink Ribbonwalk, we’ll lead you through a fun and gentle warm up to make sure you’re ready to take on your walking challenge.



Our event village has everything you need

There'll be plenty of toilets, seating and a place to buy hot drinks. There’ll also be toilets at regular points along the route at the rest stops.



Dogs are welcome too

Your four-legged friends are very welcome to join you. Please remember that they must be on a lead at all times and should be capable of completing your chosen distance – we have had dogs struggle with the longer distances, particularly on hot days. 

» What's your walking spirit animal?



Bring your cheer squad

If your friends and family aren’t walking with you and want to cheer you along, we’ll have cheering stations at various points along the route. You can send live updates to them using  #PinkRibbonwalk. And remember, men can walk too so the whole family can take part – there’s no excuse for dads, sons, uncles and grandpas to wait at the finish line!

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How long will it take?

Depending on which walk you’re doing the terrain will be quite different. Make sure you train on similar terrain to your chosen walk so that you (and your feet) are prepared. 

An image showing the walk times for Pink Ribbonwalks: 5 mile - 1.5 - 2 hours; 10 mile 2.5 -4 hours; 20 mile 5 - 8 hours

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After you cross the finish line

A row of pink ribbons, with the focus on a ribbon with the words 'For mum' written on it.


Add a ribbon to our Ribbon Tunnel

You’ll be given a pink ribbon when you register, which you can write a special message on and add to our Ribbon Tunnel. Take some time to read through some of the other pink ribbon messages that have been left over the years – it’s emotional but inspiring, and a perfect reminder of why you’re walking.


A photo of a London tube sign at night


Plan your journey home carefully

If you’re doing a night walk you may finish the walk at a time when there is no public transport available, so make sure to plan your travel carefully. For more information about planning your transport see the Glasgow and London venue pages.

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