Secondary. Not second rate.

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Help make sure women with secondary breast cancer get the care and support they deserve.      

Recently we've been campaigning to improve care for people with secondary (metastatic) breast cancer. We believe everyone with secondary breast cancer has the right to the care they need to help them manage this incurable condition. However, findings from our 'Secondary. Not Second Rate' campaign show that the care and support for people living with the disease simply isn't good enough.

  • Over half of people with incurable breast cancer didn’t know how to spot the signs and symptoms of the disease.
  • Two thirds of Hospital Trusts in England don’t know how many of their patients have secondary breast cancer.
  • Three quarters of NHS Trusts and Health Boards say there is not enough specialist nursing care for people with incurable secondary breast cancer.

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Download the reports

During this campaign we created a series of reports about the reality facing those living with secondary breast cancer.

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Read Jade's story

Jade with her mum

'My mum shouldn’t have had second-rate care.'

Watch the video

'You don't always feel like you're in good hands.'

Read Mandy's story

Jade with her mum

'Everyone should have a breast cancer nurse.'


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Is your hospital counting?

Our map shows each Hospital Trust in England and whether they are recording the number of people diagnosed with secondary breast cancer. This is important as without full data, it is difficult for hospitals to plan their services to meet their patients’ needs. Click on the pink button to explore the map.

Map key

Hospital Trust is collecting data

Hospital Trust is not collecting data

No response received

Hospital Trust is partially collecting data

For more information on each hospital, click on the corresponding pin.

The map shows the information we’ve received from Hospital Trusts that manage several hospitals, so you may not see your individual hospital listed.

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