Make a difference this spring

I'm Jane, one of the nurses that answers calls on the Breast Cancer Care telephone Helpline. We know our Helpline provides a lifeline for people – especially when they don’t have a wide network of family or friends. I often take calls from older women who live alone with no one nearby to turn to. They’re having to cope with everything on their own and they’re feeling very isolated and lonely.

Nobody should have to face breast cancer alone

We are able to give someone the emotional support and information that they need - by being there for them at the other end of a phone. We are there for everyone, but especially for those who feel they have no one. 

Time to talk and to be listened to is so important

We know there are hundreds, even thousands, of people in this situation. Please help us today to be there for more people who call us. Your support can help someone to feel less alone during one of the most difficult experiences of their life. 

Please donate today to make sure no-one has to face breast cancer alone.


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