Celebrating 25 years of the pink ribbon

Pink Ribbon 25

Every person’s breast cancer story is unique. For 25 years the pink ribbon has been a powerful symbol for millions.

Since the first pink ribbon was created in 1992 we’ve helped millions of women, men, their friends and families live with, through and beyond breast cancer. This year we’ll be sharing your stories of strength and inspiration – and showing why there’s never been a greater need for our life-changing support. 


25 stories for 25 years

Read inspirational stories from friends, family, women and men affected by breast cancer.


Stu gives support to partners of women diagnosed with breast cancer
PUBLISHED ON: 7 June 2018

In 2015 Stu's partner Beth was diagnosed with breast cancer. Now he shares his experience with other men whose partners have been diagnosed.

Sue and her daughters
PUBLISHED ON: 6 November 2017

After Sue's treatment ended, she found there was little support in her area, and used blogs about others’ experiences to help her family understand how she felt.

Chemotherapy chair for breast cancer
PUBLISHED ON: 23 October 2017

'Three years ago today you made a shocking appearance in my life. I can't pretend that you are going to like what I have to say, but I have to get it off my chest.'

Supporting someone with secondary breast cancer
PUBLISHED ON: 16 October 2017

Kate, who has incurable, secondary breast cancer, and her friend David tell us how their friendship helps them through difficult times.

Pink Ribbon 25 stories
PUBLISHED ON: 13 October 2017

Watch stories from some of the millions affected by breast cancer, the most common cancer in the UK.

Running in memory of my mum
PUBLISHED ON: 9 October 2017

When Dean was 16, his mum died of secondary breast cancer. Now he's raising money for Breast Cancer Care in her memory.

Breast cancer isn't understood in my community
PUBLISHED ON: 2 October 2017

Della was shocked when she was diagnosed. Now she works in Nigeria, setting up support groups to raise awareness and understanding of breast cancer.

Jackie ran the London Marathon on her wedding day
PUBLISHED ON: 18 September 2017

Jackie took up running during chemotherapy for breast cancer. In 2017 she ran the London Marathon on her wedding day.

Cathie with her partner
PUBLISHED ON: 16 June 2017

After having a mastectomy following a breast cancer recurrence when she was 34, Cathie chose not to have reconstruction surgery. She shares her story and the impact breast cancer has had on her body image.

PUBLISHED ON: 30 May 2017

Chief Executive Samia al Qadhi shares her story of the pink ribbon and explains how your stories can help us celebrate this powerful symbol.